Think you can beat this King of Pop quiz? We’re not convinced.


He’s probably the biggest star that ever lived, more famous than Jesus and The Beatles and Miley Cyrus combined. Bigger than the Kardashians and hotter than Kanye. Well, you get the picture. Michael Jackson was huge, an unreachable star with mesmerizing dance moves. He, alongside the queen Madonna, made pop what it is today.

Maybe these facts can shed some light on just how outer-worldly, multi-galactically (yep we just made that up) successful he was, and to be fair, still is:

In 2015, ‘Thriller’ became the first-ever 30 times multi-platinum album (that means more than 30 million sales in the States ALONE!
In 2018, ‘Thriller’ was the second best-selling vinyl album with 84,000!
Michael Jackson’s total career pretax earnings, in life and in death, adjusted for inflation is $4.2 billion

We could go on. You get the picture, he was the brightest star in the galaxy and although he’s legacy has been tarnished with multiple allegations, many still adore him and his music leaves on in many hearts.

Are you truly a fan?
Sure, you know all the words to Billie Jean, and you can’t listen to Thriller without doing the dance BUT how well do you know Michael Jackson’s middle name? Hmmm probably not, right?

But seriously, this quiz is for the truly devoted fans – the ones who fell in love with the “child prodigy” when they first heard “I Want You Back”, and followed his career through to his record-breaking album “Thriller”. Do you think you can beat our quiz? Can you smash the current record of 19 of 20? We’d love to see that happening. Go ahead, make our day.

Take our true fans quiz and let us know how you did, in the comments below.

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