The one with the extremely hard quiz: whose punchline was it on Friends?



Do you think you’d fit in with the Friends gang? Do you think you know all of their inside jokes like the back of your hand? Do you feel like you’ve seen the Ugly Naked Guy with your own eyes? Prove you’re basically one of the Friends with this punchline quiz. Match each quote to the show’s character who made it iconic. See if you can distinguish between that classic Chandler Bing sarcasm and that Joey Tribbiani innocence.


Friends might have started in the 90s but it was on for a decade and inspired everything from “The Rachel” haircut to unreasonable expectations for New York City apartments. While the show ended in 2004, its cultural effect has remained. You can take a Friends tour of New York City or visit the set of Central Perk in Los Angeles. Friends references still abound. When you hear “Ross and Rachel”, you know it means two friends with a will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic. If someone says you’re the Phoebe of your friend group, you know that means you’re a total hippie. Perhaps you have even lived your own version of Ross’ bad spray tan.


The Friends GIFs are everywhere and you’ve certainly heard someone sing the chorus of “Smelly Cat”. Even today, you can catch reruns on TV almost every day. You can watch the whole show from start to finish online thanks to Netflix, who spent a cool $188 million just to keep the show on its platform.


Maybe you just caught a couple of episodes on Nick At Nite or maybe you’ve just heard your own friends repeating quotes from the show time and time again. Or maybe you’ve binged the whole show on Netflix one or a few times and signed the petition to make sure Netflix keeps the rights to the show. Either way, you’re bound to get at least to get a few of these punchlines correct. Test your knowledge with our quiz and comment which Friends quote you find yourself repeating a little too often!

  1. Haley says

    “You look up in the stands, and there’s your dad cheering you on – dressed as Carmen Miranda, wearing a headdress with real fruit that he will later hand out to your friends as a healthy snack.” – Chandler said this not Monica.

    “You could not be more wrong. You could try but you would not be successful” – was said by Russ NOT Ross.

    “Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.” – said my Monica

    1. Tanya says

      Yes! Thank you – that makes me so angry

  2. DM says

    There are a lot of errors in this quiz.

  3. Alba says

    Could there BE any more errors in this quiz? Why yes I think so.

  4. lora says

    Yeah, lots of errors. Like could this quiz be anymore wrong.

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