Are you a master of NBA trivia? You’ll have to be to ace this quiz!


Well, here you are, on this page thinking to yourself “What’s the problem, I’m an NBA wiz, I know anything and everything about the league. Hit me!” And hit you we will, just remember you asked for it.


How closely are you following the family connections over the years? In the decades since it was established there were (and are) so many brother pairs (sometimes three!) who recorded NBA careers, and don’t even get us started on twins or the father-son combos.


For example, did you know that Klay Thompson’s and Steph Curry’s (AKA splash brothers) played on the same team on the Santa Cruz Warriors where they were dubbed the “Splash Brothers of the D-League”? Well, now you know.


One of the all time most famous siblings to play professional basketball are not even brothers, but actually brother and sister, in Reggie and Cheryl Miller. The story goes that Reggie, as a teenager phoned his dad and excitedly told him he just scored 40 points in a highschool game. “Relax”, said dad “Cheryl scored 100 today”. Tough day on young Reggie, and you won’t have an easier time taking this quiz we suspect, but by all means, give it a shot.


Take our true NBA fan quiz and let us know how you did in the comments below.


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